Touch Sensor

Tap to return by the same route quickly

UI-based Touch Screen

Freely realize functions of start, stop, cancel, return, etc.

Smart Voice Recognition

Receive users' orders accurately and give response quickly

Infrared Detection

Detect the status of items on the tray and then quickly and automatically return by the same route

Fully Autonomous Positioning and Navigation

Relying on the fusion technology of multiple sensors such as LIDAR, machine vision, and depth senor,
Peanut can move freely and stably in complex indoor environments for long periods of time.
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Vivid Expressions

Based on a powerful AI interactive engine, various sets of vivid bionic expression packages can be customized to present rich simulated expressions of joy, anger, sorrow and happiness, making communication more interesting.

Multi-Robot Collaboration

Through a central integrated hub, multiple robots can cooperate intelligently in a same working environment,becoming a true driver of efficiency.

Product Parameters

  • Product Size(W x D x H)
    499 x 526 x 1206 mm
  • Product Weight
    58 kg
  • Maximum Angle
    ≤ 5°
  • Maximum Speed
    1.2 m/s
  • Minimum Passage Width
    70 cm
  • Charging Time
    5 h
  • Battery Life
    12-15 h
  • Battery Capacity
    DC 48V 12Ah
  • Number of Layers
  • Load Capacity
    30 kg (10 kg per layer)
  • Layer Size
    Top layer: 404 x 355 x 209 mm; Middle layer: 404 x 355 x 217 mm; Bottom layer: 280 x 280 x 151 mm
  • Operating System
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